How It All Started

All my life, I’ve been interested in “superhuman” skills – from maximizing my efficiency while running multiple businesses to figuring out ways to “hack” the idea of charisma. (If you’re curious about my resume and life story, you can check it out here). It wasn’t until I met (and ultimately hired) a husband-and-wife team of speed-reading and memory experts that I was really able to maximize and take advantage of that passion. After weeks and weeks of coaching, I was left with the ability to read and comprehend huge volumes of text, and I immediately turned to my favorite topics of lifehacking, health, and more. I learned about body language, sleep optimization, physical therapy, and dozens of other subjects.

Over the next year, this bizarre skill attracted a lot of attention at INSEAD, where I was studying to get my MBA. Eventually I decided that rather than trying to explain the methodology time and time again to curious onlookers, I would record a series of videos in partnership with the two tutors and launch it on a web platform called Udemy.

I could never have anticipated what would happen next. Within a year, we had surpassed 20,000 students from over 100 countries, and were ranked as one of the top 5 courses out of over 20,000 on the platform. The success of a subsequent course in productivity and automation confirmed what I suspected; this audience was hungry for more content and more ways to surpass traditional limitations. My students showed interest in bio-hacking, fitness tips, learning tips, and more. It became clear that I had to serve their calls, and considering the amount of research I already was doing at the time for my own personal interests, this blog and podcast was the natural evolution.

Mission Statement

My background as an entrepreneur has taught me that it’s important to set out with a clear mission and a set of core values. So, here it goes.

The Mission of the Becoming SuperHuman Blog and Podcast is to create informative and high-quality content that helps people overcome commonly accepted limitations. The content will help readers and listeners develop themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and productively, and should be as fun to consume as it is to create.

That’s right. I’m trying to have fun here, too. Admittedly, one of my key motivations for creating a podcast is to have amazing conversations with people I admire and look up to. One day, I hope to reach some of the people I find most inspiring and “superhuman,” including Tim Ferriss, Elon Musk, and more…

Core Values

As I’ve said, Core Values are very important, but they are also constantly evolving. For this reason, I’m starting off with just a few, and will add to them as time goes on.

  1. Provide value with every article; never share something that can’t enhance or improve the lives of readers
  2. Be honest, genuine, and an open book; do not mislead, misrepresent, or fail to disclose critical information
  3. Do not recommend any products, services, or content that I would not personally use
  4. Stay relevant to a wide audience; consider the perspectives and needs of a variety cultures, genders, sexual orientations, or socioeconomic backgrounds
  5. Have fun! I won’t create content that I don’t enjoy or find interesting, no matter the perceived benefits

So, that’s all for now. If you want to know more, drop us a line via email (info AT becomingasuperhuman DOT com) or via Twitter (@gosuperhuman).

Thanks for reading!

  • Just subscribed to the podcast on itunes.

  • Love the combination of topics you teach. Just subscribed to your podcast, too. Look forward to listening.

    • Jonathan Levi

      Thanks for your feedback, Kara! It’s nice to hear. We don’t get a lot of feedback on the podcast… It seems thousands of people download it, but nobody ever tells us what they think!!

      • Hi Jonathan. You’re welcome! I know, feedback is sometimes hard to get. Even for my own website, I have the same issue. But you’re doing a great job, and your site looks so pro. Glad to listen to your podcasts when I go running!

  • Alexander Woods

    Hey Jonathan, just wanted to say that I love your podcast! I’ve listened to a lot of personal development podcasts, and yours really sticks out. You do a great job encouraging your guests to open up and you also say a lot of insightful things yourself.

    Can’t wait to read your book; keep it up!

  • Michael Bishop

    Jonathan, thank you! Your podcast and courses have had significant positive impact on my life, and I’m grateful to you.

    • Thank you so much for your kind and generous words, they really mean a lot to me and brighten my day.

  • Keith Kawamura

    I can’t find the $15 link to boost testosterone. Could you please email it. I am looking for work at this time. Please help.

  • Hey there. My friend put me on to this. Looks like we have similar thinking on many things. If you fancy chatting further let’s connect. More about me here: together with my TEDx talk on Becoming Superhuman! 🙂

  • DrD2

    So where are you leaving the country now that President Trump will soon be taking over. This is what you promised. We shall see if you have the guts to keep your word.

    Yea. . . I doubt it too

  • Joshua Baker

    Hey Jonathan, I’m a long time listener and subscriber. I love your podcast and all the challenges it brings to stretch who we are today. Great stuff keep up the good work!!

    I’ve got a recommendation for an interview. Where should I send his info?

  • Susan

    Hey Jonathon, please interview the following: Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon and genius, Gerald Pollack who wrote the book “The Fourth phase of Water” a brilliant and lovely man and also Please interview Kamal
    Ravikant, Author and Entrepreneur and very interesting guy !
    Thanks Jonathon in advance !