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Drew Canole: How To Extract The Juice From Life

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“Once you start to change what you’re putting in your body, everything changes. And juice is one of the best things you can put in your body.”
— Drew Canole

Greetings, SuperFriends!

A few years ago, today’s guest was a financier headed down a path of poor health. Today, he is one of America’s top transformational coaches, with millions of followers on his social media channels, numerous companies, and an internet marketing empire that, quite frankly, blew my mind when I discovered it. Through his message of the powers of juicing and other dietary habits, he’s transformed the lives of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people… He’s also published 11 books, ranging from juicing to dream hacking and mental transformation… So you know we just had to hear more.

In this episode, we talk about childhood trauma, path to self improvement, spirituality, belief systems, juicing, lucid dreaming, motivation, accelerated learning, outsourcing and delegation, identity and purpose, and so much more. I went into the interview expecting to talk about juicing and nutrition, and in the end, came away with a massive, massive dose of inspiration, motivation, and heck… even a few life lessons that just might shape the way I navigate the cosmos going forward.

I want to give a big big shout out to Shanna at Organifi for helping me get ready for the interview and encouraging me to dig deep with today’s guest – I think you’ll agree that it really made a difference in the quality of the interview.

This episode is brought to you by Organifi. Save 15% on their highly-recommended green juice products with coupon code "superhuman."

This episode is brought to you by Organifi. Save 15% on their highly-recommended green juice products with coupon code “superhuman.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who the heck is Drew Canole, and how did he go from overweight to awesome?
  • How did a simple green juice change Drew Canole’s life – and his body?
  • Why was Drew so driven towards helping people – and himself?
  • A discussion of Drew’s very challenging childhood, and how it influenced his adulthood
  • What is Drew Canole’s belief system? How does he approach life, spiritually and otherwise?
  • How has he grown such an incredibly successful company?
  • Some incredibly powerful leadership tips from Drew on how he has created such a great business
  • What is “the why-dentity process?”
  • What tools does Drew Canole use to optimize his performance? Meditation?
  • The importance of forgiving yourself, and why Drew learned how to be very good at it
  • How does Drew treat other people, and why?
  • Why juicing? Why is it so important to Drew? 
  • What have clinical trials said about Organifi?
  • How can you get started with juicing – and why should you do it slowly?
  • What’s in Organifi’s green juice, and why is it so damn good for you?
  • Why is Stevia maybe not the best sweetener?
  • When Drew does it solid foods, what does he eat? Does he eat carbs?
  • Where does Drew get so much motivation and energy?
  • An important message: it’s not about you (and why that’s a good thing)
  • Lucid dreaming: how to use it, and how to achieve it
  • Drew’s work with an aboriginal shaman (fascinating)
  • How does Drew Canole learn so fast?! How does it relate to SuperLearning?
  • Working with coaches, and how to find coaches
  • What are Drew’s productivity tips? How does he get so much done? How does he delegate?
  • How does Drew keep from getting bored or going crazy?
  • Some incredible book recommendations
  • How Drew changed his beliefs and stopped thinking he was “stupid”
  • What is the #1 message Drew Canole would like for you to take away?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Drew Canole:

“At the time, I was eating all the macronutrients, but I wasn’t getting the micronutrients. And that was what really started to supercharge my mind.”

“I just became a voracious reader… I read 3 books a week.”
“I was living this inauthentic lie of who I was. I was trying to be what the world wanted me to be… I still had this tremendous amount of discord in my body… I wasn’t happy with anything in my life.”
“I believe in love. Period.”
“It’s not about Drew. It’s not about what I’m doing throughout the day or what I’m creating… It’s about who are we changing! What are the lives that we’re impacting? …I think that’s the new doctrine.”
“Do things throughout the day that lower your stress levels. ‘Cuz life is stressful!”
“I’m really bad at a lot of things… But I’m the world’s greatest person at forgiving myself.”
“How can I look at somebody in the eyes, how can I see the universe, the galaxy through them, look into their soul, and make a deep connection within 2 seconds that fuels me for the rest of the week…[That] is what really lights me on fire and gives me an endless supply of this source energy.”
“That’s one of my mantras. I say it all day long, every day. Possibility is everywhere.”
“We are one. And when I treat somebody as if they are me, then the world opens up. There’s more possibilities. Possibilities are everywhere when you start to view the world like that.”
“The world, right now… We have to meet them where they are. I could talk about esoteric shit all day long because it’s what I love… but if I don’t feel good, and I’m sick… I’m not going to listen to this message.”
“Turmeric’s more power than over 22 over-the-counter pain reliever medications.”
“My dreams are more real than reality itself.”
“I live in this world of seeing the unlimited in people before they’re able to see it in themselves. So I speak to that aspect of who they are.”
“We shouldn’t focus so much on ‘what am I doing’ every single day, but ‘how am I being?’ We’re human beings not humans doing.”
“It’s so crazy, you know? We get literally 20 years of somebody’s experience written in one book that you can digest in 2-3 hours depending on how quick you read… and it’s just amazing to me how view people are actually voracious readers…”
“Anything is possible. And when you believe that, the world will start to reveal that to you. Wherever you are right now.”



Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor from Silicon Valley.

After successfully selling his Inc 5,000 rated startup in April of 2011, Levi enlisted the help of speed-reading expert and university professor Anna Goldentouch, who tutored him in speed-reading, advanced memorization, and more. Levi saw incredible results while earning his MBA from INSEAD, and later went on to teach a best-selling online course on the subject. With this unique skill, he has become a proficient lifehacker, optimizing and "hacking" such processes as travel, sleep, language learning, and fitness.

  • Richie

    Really interesting discussion, super stoked to try Organifi, just one problem though, the coupon code superhuman was registering as invalid.

  • Joshua Baker

    Hey Jonathan. I think this Scott would be great for your show. Check him out.

    Scott H. Mendelson
    Infinity Fitness Inc.
    (614) 289 3266

  • blipton

    I understand artificial sweeteners affects the gut bacteria diversity, but didn’t know it also applied to stevia. Any pointer to where I can find more info on that, or how monk fruit extract is different?

    I was kinda hoping this episode was more about juicing. For example, what model juicers are recommended? Omega 8006J? What about juicing vs blending? What happens to the fiber during blending? I’ve been thinking of using a blender to make soups, since they come out hot. Any preferred models? CleanBlend, Blendtec? Salton Harley Pasternak Power Blender? Vitamix 5200/750? 3 Squares’ Soup3rb?

    Also, is there any concern of an overactive thyroid and goitrogens when juicing brassica vegetables (cauliflower, radishes, etc)? Perhaps juicing iodine rich foods alongside helps (cranberries, strawberries, etc).

    I like the idea of supplementing with vegetable powders like Organify Green Juice powder.. but how much of the nutrients/enzymes are lost during the drying process? Can freeze dried vegetable spoil during storage? My favorite, before it was discontinued, was New Chapter’s Berry Green which had only vegetables and no grass fillers. . The few others I’ve been looking at are Dr. Cowan’s Garden powders, Solaray’s Very Berry, and Lane Labs Daily Veggies, Juice Plus+, and Athletic Greens.

    What about recommended fruit powders? There seems to be many options in that area: Purity Products Perfect Purples/Reds, Food Science of Vermont Superior Purple/Reds, Greens First Berry, New Greens Berry Fusion, Greens To Go (Go Greens), MacroLife Miracle Reds, Progressive Nutritional PhytoBerry, Trace Minerals Red Pak, Essential 7 Risotriene Berry, Shentrition, Rainbow Vibrance Health, Prolon from L-Nutra, and even CVS Kids Superfood Drink Mix!

  • Moneer

    Jonathan, regarding your statement around minute 47:00, I do have some ideas for stuff that you can do that would make a big impact. I think you are well positioned to make a great positive impact on the long and continuing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. If we want this story to change, this generation (from both sides) should start engaging and moving past the violence and hatred with compassion and understanding (instead of vengeance and finger-pointing). Let me know if you or any of your Israeli connections would be interested in starting this dialogue.

    • Jonathan Levi

      This is a great point, Moneer, and it’s on my “bucket list” – to do something grand to influence Israeli-Palestinian efforts. I don’t yet know what, or how, but one day..